Glee – A Solid Asian F

by Matt on October 5, 2011 · 5 comments

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“What’s an Asian F?” I wondered before I watched the show.  I was going to ask my Asian friend and best man in my wedding, but I’m not racist.  Plus he might karate chop me or stab me with a chopstick or something.

Tonight’s episode focused largely around Mike Chang disappointing his father by getting an A- on chemistry test, or as they call it on the show, an Asian F.  Get it?  Because Asian people are smart.  We see Mike and his dad in the Indian principal’s office and … [Keep Reading...]


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Seriously, don’t read this if you haven’t watched the episode.  In fact, never read it if you haven’t watched it.  This is a recap.  There are spoilers.

Kurt is gay.

No, that’s not the spoiler. I just figured I’d go ahead and piss off anyone that’s offended by calling a gay person gay.  Don’t wanna waste anyone’s time.

A couple main storylines went on in this one.  First, auditions started for the school music, West Side Story.  Schue decided not to direct it this year because he wants to focus … [Keep Reading...]

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Glee Season Premiere – Mr. Schue Mans Up

September 23, 2011
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So I finally got around to watching the Glee season premiere.  I wouldn’t say it was anything spectacular, nor would I say it was terrible.  On a bright note, we didn’t have to listen to any music until about 16 minutes into the show.  On a dark note, there was still music.  And they made up for it plenty with the 14 hour musical number at the end.

Glee is a strange show to me.  I really don’t know why I watch it.  I generally can’t stand any of the … [Keep Reading...]

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