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Well since I can’t find any stories about this anywhere and it seems to be all over the Twitterverse, I guess I’ll take a second to write about what the hell is going on in Dance Moms world.

Let me introduce you to Erika Schrade, who apparently is a member of the Candy Apples Dance Company.

It all began fifteen hours ago, which would have been 1:30am my time, or 11:30pm, on the west coast, where the finale of Dance Moms at Nationals are filming.  So fifteen hours ago, this [Keep Reading...]


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Yeah, that’s right.  Our good ol’ favorite tanning, lifting, smashing, pseudo-Italian meathead has just released a new single.

And so help me Bob, it is awful.  Apparently it’s some sort of anti-drinking and driving anthem.  You know, if anthems are auto-tuned, off-beat, and borderline retarded.

The song is called “How The F%#k We Gettin’ Home?!” and features a couple of other douche-canoes that you wouldn’t recognize either, because if you do, you likely wouldn’t be reading this blog.  If you happen to be super-pumped about this, you can go here[Keep Reading...]


Snooki and J-Woww have a New Show Soon. Goody.

May 25, 2012
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That’s my sarcastic happiness about Snooki’s tweet that I just read.

@snooki WOHOO our Snooki & JWOWW page is up on MTV!

Can we all agree that Jersey Shore is past its prime?  What makes MTV think that people are going to watch this?  No Pauly, who already has a show of his own that no one watches.  No Vinnie, who seems to be the only semi-normal on in the house, sans his crazy anxiety.  No Situation, who can’t get himself out of rehab (who would have seen that … [Keep Reading...]

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If You Enjoyed This Last Night, I Hate You

September 7, 2011
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No, but really.  I do.  In case you’re one of the eight people that watched America’s Got Talent last night, you saw Lys Agnes, the banshee in the video below, absolutely rape Aerosmith’s Dream On.  This chick is awful.  What makes things more awful is she’s in the top 10 contestants on this show!  Seriously, how is that possible?  My wife said this last night as we flipped the on and caught three contestants before we wanted to dip our heads in a vat of acid to … [Keep Reading...]

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Straight Guys Who… Read Gay Books?

August 31, 2011
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So I’m a big reader, and I thought I’d throw this one out to you guys as readers of this blog.  A good friend of mine, Bethany Ramos, got her first book published.  Today it’s available for pre-order on the publisher’s website.  Don’t take the website’s shitty design and ugly logo into account when looking at the book.  Bethany gave me a transcript of the novel to read, and it’s pretty damn funny.

Bethany writes like a normal human talks.  It’s like hearing a chick you know tell you a … [Keep Reading...]

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