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Straight Guys Who Watch Gay Shows is a site for people of any gender, sexuality, color, creed, or species.  Don’t be offended by the name of the site.  The name is facetious, as our site is written by straight guys who watch shows that we are ashamed to admit to our guy friends that we watch, because our minds are stupidly genetically predisposed to be ashamed by them.  I know, it makes no sense.  But we’re guys.  We just do what we do.  We don’t think about why it happens.  It just happens.

So here you’ll find recaps of shows like Dance Moms and So You Think You Can Dance, with more shows coming in the future.  These recaps will be from the perspective of men who watch these shows with their wives and hate that we love them.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy them.  If not, you know where to click.

About Matt:

Matt is the founder and lead writer for Straight Guys Who Watch Gays Shows.  He lives in Texas and works a full-time job as well, so things aren’t always the most timely in his world of blogging.  But bear with him, and hopefully you’ll have a good time here.

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