February 2013

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There’s something about that first mowing of your grass after winter that makes you think that just maybe your lawn isn’t quite as shitty as you think it is.  So as I sit here smelling of freshly mowed grass and my dog’s crap, what better is there to do than to write a recap of last night’s Dance Moms for you all?  On we go.

Previously on Dance Moms:  Chloe and Christi were “suspended,” Christi and Kelly hate each other (and we all hate it), and Abby ate a child.… [Keep Reading...]


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A monstrosity of evil.  Am I talking about Abby?  No.

I’m talking about Christi not being on the show.  That, my friends, is a monstrosity of evil.  This show needs Christi like Abby needs insulin injections.

Anyway, let’s get this rolling.  We have a 90 minute show ahead of us.  Good God.  Sorry for bailing the past couple weeks.  Two weeks ago the episode was just lame and last week I was mad busy.  But here I am, so let’s do this.

Previously on Dance Moms:  Cathy got a lame … [Keep Reading...]