A Sad Day for the Ladies – Twitch is Officially Off the Market

by Matt on January 22, 2013 · 1 comment

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Well, ladies, if you were pining for one Stephen “Twitch” Boss, pine no more.

As of this past weekend, he is officially engaged.  And not just engaged, but engaged to So You Think You Can Dance season 2’s Allison Holker, who is also a big deal, but she doesn’t have a sweet ass name like “Twitch,” so she doesn’t get the same publicity.

Apparently the couple has been dating for about two and a half years, so I guess it was about time.  The pairing leaves an option open for a NappyTabs 2.0, which would be pretty badass with those two.  But what would we call them?  I’m going on record now in saying that they shall be called AlliTwitch.  And if someone already thought of that, pretend they didn’t, because you like me more.

So now that they’re together forever (which is hopefully REAL forever and not CELEBRITY forever), who will be next?  Word on the street is several other SYTYCD alums are in couples, but none more prominent than D-Trix (Dominic Sandoval) and Lo-Fro (Lauren Froderman).  And since they both have sweet ass nicknames too, it is inevitable.  So what are you waiting for, D-Trix?  Pull the trigger, bro.

Or maybe it’s about time Nigel finally proposes to Mary Murphy.  I’m sure she’s murdered his eardrums by this point anyway, so what’s there to lose?



  • MamaMellohdee

    This Allison chick has a weird, high hair thing going.on in that first pic, but I’ll overlook it – I mean, she mustbe cool if Twitch likes her. Cuz he’s BUCK!

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