I Can’t Get Enough of that Summer Sound – A Dance Moms Recap

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Previously on Dance Moms:

Maddie didn’t do a solo, Problem-Child-Justice won, Paige hurt her foot.


So this week we’re at Millennium, some famous dance studio where Britney and Christina and the like have rehearsed.  This week they’re staying in California, following their iHollywood competition from last week.  What kind of money do these folks have that they can just stay for a week in California with no problem??  I wonder how much of this stuff the show compensates for them.

Abby starts by telling the girls she’s proud of them for how they treated Nicaya last week.  Barf.  Then she chastises the moms for running off Kaya.  And what a great loss it was.  And what a shame, because it was so likely that a single mom of four would drive to rehearsal everyday from St. Louis.

On to the pyramid!  The new and unimproved, base-is-too-big-now-because-Kendall-is-on-it-again pyramid.  It just really messes with my OCD.  The pyramid should go 1, 2, 3.  Not 1, 2, 4.  Ugh.  Hate it.

Anyway, Kendall is back on the team, and she’s in last place on the pyramid.  Kendall thinks it’s not fair that she’s last.  Um… you just got let back onto the team you’ve been trying to squirm your way back into forever.  Count your blessings, chick.

Next up, in second to last place, is Paige.  She should thank Kendall, because at least she’s not in last place again.  Abby said she did really well, which is exactly why she’s second to last?  Strange.  Brooke is next to her, of course, because only Kendall can be lower than a Hyland.

Next is Maddie.  She “just kinda blended in”  in the group dance when a a dancer like her should have stood out, according to Abby.  I thought the point of a team was for individuals not to stand out, but what do I know?  Bottom row for Maddie.  Womp womp.

The second row has Nia in third place, because she’s a boss.  Abby just says she needs to improve her technique.  Chloe is in second, because she was good but screwed up some turns or something.

Wait… So that leaves… what?  Really???  Uncover that picture, Abby!!  MACKENZIEEEEEE!!!!!!!  Top of the pyramid.  The champ!

This week will be the Intensity Dance Competition, which Abby says will determine who will be dancing at Nationals.  So what will the numbers be this week?  Mackenzie has a solo (YES!), Chloe has a solo (BOOM!), Paige has a solo (Broken foot and all!), Kendall has solo (Snooze button), Nia has a solo (albeit with weak choreo), Brooke has a solo (Acro, of course), and Maddie does not (HAHA!)

So when Maddie and Melissa realize theat Maddie has no solo, Melissa tries to secretly communicate via sign language to Maddie that she needs to raise her hand and complain.  Abby sees this, which makes her even more annoyed than she would have been if Maddie had done it on her own volition.

With tears in her eyes, Maddie says, “Do I have a solo?”  NO!  Abby is still holding a grudge that Melissa didn’t let her do a solo, so a solo this week she will not get.  Abby of course just tells her to toughen up as we get a nice long look at an awkward Maddie cryface.  Even Christi feels sad for Maddie, which is saying something.

My dog just farted and it smells like a dead body in here now.  Dammit.  TMI?  My bad.

This Millennium studio has an awkward setup for this show, because there’s no booth.  The moms just sit there right next to the girls rehearsing and talk about all the drama.  Strange.

Melissa talks about how Maddie was trying to fight the tears but just couldn’t.  Kelly is like, “Dude, she was crying just ’cause she didn’t get a solo?  My kids never get any damn solos.”  Melissa argues that it would be different if everyone got a solo except for one of Kelly’s daughters.  Kelly says it wouldn’t matter anyway, because her daughters don’t get that preferential treatment.  If they raised their hands to ask for a solo, Abby would smack them down.  Valid point.

This is also when Kelly drops a tidbit of interesting information on us.  She says that when Brooke was younger, she was actually the favorite, or the “Maddie” of the group.  Interesting…  I wonder if Maddie will drop out of Abby’s favor eventually as well.

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