September 2012

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Previously on Dance Moms:  Maddie cried, they danced, some people may not dance this week.

LIVIN’ ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!  My jam.  One last time this season.  Sigh…

They’re still at Millennium Dance Studio this week.  The girls and moms come into the studio for Pyramid and their weekly anti-pep talk.  This week, they’re staying in L.A. yet again.  I hear it’s very affordable there.  Abby tells them that this week they’re going to perform in the most famous zip code, when Melissa gets kiddy and yells out “90210!” and … [Keep Reading...]


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Previously on Dance Moms:

Maddie didn’t do a solo, Problem-Child-Justice won, Paige hurt her foot.


So this week we’re at Millennium, some famous dance studio where Britney and Christina and the like have rehearsed.  This week they’re staying in California, following their iHollywood competition from last week.  What kind of money do these folks have that they can just stay for a week in California with no problem??  I wonder how much of this stuff the show compensates for them.

Abby starts by … [Keep Reading...]