So You Think You Can Continue to Be Wicked Late With Your SYTYCD Recaps – My Bad Again

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So I’m over a week and a half late.  Myyyyy bad.  Soooo sorry for having a real life and stuff.  And sure, that real life is boring as shit, but it’s my boring life.

No, but really, I’ll try to get better.  This week’s SYTYCD recap will be posted on Thursday.  Guaranteed.  Unless I don’t.

So, how about last episode?

It started off with a Charlie Chaplin-esque dance number choreographed by Tyce.  Unfortunately, the routine started off with the camera all right up in flapper Girl’s grill, now equipped with a Hitler ‘stache.  Oh, Lordy.  That dance was cool, and the pulled a Schindler’s List (coincidence with the Hitler ‘stache thing) by making the umbrella red and having everything else black and white.  You think they told everyone in the audience that they couldn’t wear red either, just for the sake of their color correction?

So out pop all of the dancers, totally un-Charlie-Chaplined.  The little dancer intros will never cease to strike me as ridiculously awkward.   “Here’s four seconds!  Try to dance real quick and not look ridiculous!”

Oh, hey there, Cat.  Tell us the bad news.  1) No SYTYCD for two weeks.  Well, I’ve beaten that news for you, because by the time you’re reading this, SYTYCD is on tomorrow night.  Boom.  Don’t say I never did anything for ya.  2) We have to lose two more dancers tonight.  Awwww… Moving on.

The judges tonight are Nigel (“good evening, sir”), Mary Murphy (Who’s publicist never wrote me back about an interview (Rude.)), and Kelly Bundy, who apparently is also a dancer.

Our intro video packages this week will consist of the dancers telling us something we all don’t know about their partners.  Let’s see what happens.

Tiffany and George:

George runs track.  We knew that.  We didn’t, however, know that George peed his pants at his first track meet. Mile mother effin’ Davis, dude.  Tiffany is pretty.  We knew that.  But she was also the Salutatorian at her school with a 5.22 GPA.  What the eff?  A) Not Possible.  B) If that is possible, who the hell beat her for Valedictorian?  Smart and pretty, huh?  I’m listening, George.  I’m listening.

These two are going to do a NappyTabs routine about putting a baby to bed.  As I’m sure you’re all aware by the Tabitha’s ever-growing belly, she has a human living inside of her, so I guess they’re giving some parental foresight with this number.   Tiffany and George are supposed to be the babysitters looking after the NappyTablet.

The dance was good.  It started off a bit awkward for me, but it got better.  Plus B.o.B kicks ass.  I don’t curre what you say.  Tiffany had some swag.  Reminds me a bit of Lauren when she busted out that dance with Twitch and we were all like, “Whaaaat?  Where’d that come from?”  Plus she rode George like a goddamn plane.  Win.

As the dance finished, Cat made a dead baby joke, which is always both funny and appropriate in any situation.  Nigel thought the dance was good, but wanted it to be grungier.  Or something.  He also thought that George looked like he was getting winded before the end.  Well no shit, Nigel.  That crap looks tiring.  I wouldn’t know, because my couch is way more comfortable than dancing.  Mary loved it.  She thinks George kicks ass and Tiffany was “gettin’ down in there,” which sounds a lot dirtier to me than it probably should.  Kelly Bundy thought the whole thing was unexpected, but in a good way.  She also used the word “soupier,” whatever that means, and we had our first crowd-yeller in a long time telling her that he loved her.  Good times.

Amber and Brandon:

What don’t we know about Amber?  She’s a hairstylist.  Not a surprise. Explains all the dopey weird blonde hairstyles she comes out with every week.  Not a fan.  And Brandon?  He’s in Step Up Revolution (which I saw, and hope to post a review of at some point).  Seems a little more than coincidental that he was already in that movie before getting on this show, but ah well.

This week these two will do a Ray Leeper jazz routine about a steamy couple in the old south.  Sexy, they say.  Let’s see.

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