So You Think You Can Have a Face as Awesome as This Guy’s – SYTYCD Recap

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Bah duh duh duh.. So You Think You Can Dance Dance dance dance…

Good times.  Something about Cat looks different tonight.  Different makeup, maybe?  I’m not sure.  Guys aren’t the best at figuring out what’s different.  We just know something’s different.  So don’t get so pissed at us when we don’t know if you cut your hair or put on different make up or something.  So not fair.

Anyways, I’m writing this after awaking from my medically-induced coma, which will be setting in again shortly.  Hopefully I can make it through this whole recap, but no promises.  Damn sinus infection.

The show started with a group routine by NappyTabs.  I’m not sure we see too many group routines by them, but it was pretty awesome.  That’s two good opening routines in a row.  Good job, SYTYCD.  usually the opening numbers are my least favorite part of the show, other than the awkward four-second contestant introduction dances, which are happening next.

So awkward.  On the bright side, the couples were introduced together this time, so it was less awkward, with the exception of  Chehon air-humping the shit out of Witney.  I never understand why the end up with different partners at the end of the intro.  Seems like they should just stick with whoever they’re with.  Ah well.

Adam Shankman (the man himself) is our guest judge this week, and he lets Cat know that she looks stunning and looks like a tomato.  Not sure how that’s a compliment, but Cat goes for it and tells him to take a bite.  He jumps out of his seat, like any man should, straight or gay.

Also, they’ve decided to make some commemorative stamps for National Dance Day, which I thought was immediately retarded and my wife thought was immediately awesome.  But after thinking about it and how I love collecting crap, I could go for them too.

Also, a whole bunch of cool shit is happening for National Dance Day, but only if you live in D.C., L.A., or N.Y.  Only locations known by abbreviations, apparently.  S.A. doesn’t count, I guess.  Damn.  Maybe I should be the one to make it happen here.  Who’s with me??  (crickets…)  K.

To remind you, this season the results and performance show are combined, so we only have to watch once a week.  Sweet.  Tonight we lose four dancers.  There will be a bottom six and two dancers will be saved.  Who will it be??  Well, with this format we’re strapped for time, so let’s get on with the dances.

Lindsay and Cole:

They’ll be doing a Christopher Scott hip-hop routine where a nerdy kid goes to the dentist, who turns out to be a sex-crazed maniac.  Makes you wonder who will be giving who a filling.  Am I right??  AmIRIGHT??

The dance was cute, I guess.  I didn’t feel like there was a ton of dancing in it.  Cole played the part well, but the shtick dried up really quickly.  He started making everyone, including the judges, feel uncomfortable.  He should have stopped right after his nerdy “Thank you, sir.”  I’m still a wee bit creeped out.  I think he lost votes with that.  Not to mention, he acted more like Rainman than just some nerdy kid.  Definitely.  Definitely.

Nigel thought the dance was fun, but agrees with me that it was a bit amateur-looking.  Mary liked it, but both judges seem like they’re enjoyment came much more from the performance than it did from dancing itself.  Shankman is right when he says the routine should be adopted by the American Dental Association.  He can hardly even get out his judgment, though, because he’s so off-put by Cole’s shenanigans.  Yikes.

Amelia and Will:

Dammit.  Flapper Girl gets another routine that she’ll do well in.  This one is a Sonya Tayeh routine.

I wasn’t super-stoked about this routine, but the judges freakin’ loved it.  I’m not sure.  It was probably good, but I think Flapper Girl’s face just ruined it for me.  Didn’t seem like she should be smiling through the whole thing.   I do like Will a lot.  I just wish he had a different person.  It was definitely good choreo by Sonya, though.

Mary gives it one of her patented mirror-breaking shrieks, so obviously she liked it a lot.  Adams loved it too.  He told Sonya it was SICKNESS and that Will “stepped it up” plugging his upcoming Step Up movie release.  Clever son of a B.  Nigel also loved it, so unfortunately it looks like we’ll be seeing much more of Flapper Girl.  Dammit.

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