Dance Mom Choke Slam! – Did Christi Choke Cathy?

by Matt on July 19, 2012 · 2 comments

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Well since I can’t find any stories about this anywhere and it seems to be all over the Twitterverse, I guess I’ll take a second to write about what the hell is going on in Dance Moms world.

Let me introduce you to Erika Schrade, who apparently is a member of the Candy Apples Dance Company.

It all began fifteen hours ago, which would have been 1:30am my time, or 11:30pm, on the west coast, where the finale of Dance Moms at Nationals are filming.  So fifteen hours ago, this chick tweets:

She follows it up with the following: “I just wanna go home;” “I just wish that the entire world would get to see your REAL personalities;” and “Tonight was a living nightmare.”

So of course everyone bites on that bait and asks her what the hell is going on.  Looks like (and this is coming from her side, so take it with a grain of salt) Christi supposedly choked the shit out of Cathy.  Like as in squeezed Cathy’s neck with her bare freakin’ hand.

I know what you’re thinking… Badass.  And I concur.

Wait, that’s not what you were thinking?  You must not be a regular reader of my blog, then.  Don’t get me wrong; violence isn’t the answer and blah blah blah. There’s no place for guys hitting girls and people hitting kids and stuff.  But when a chick is being a big enough bitch that it finally comes to a chick choking her?  That’s badass.

I hope there’s no legal implications from this, because I’m a big Christi fan.  But when you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough.  We all watch the show enough to know that Christi wouldn’t do something like that unprovoked.  People have said some shitty shit to her and she’s kept her cool, so Cathy must have really been going off if this story is indeed true.  I would have been choking people a long time ago if I were Christi.

Erika’s story is now also being corroborated by her mother on her own Twitter.  To me that could mean anything.  Could easily be just another dance mom looking for the limelight.

Supposedly the Candy Apples Dancers are pretty shaken up by this, based on their tweets, and it’s all so said that a bunch of them have had enough of all the crap and are leaving the show (thanks to @communistdaugtr for that heads-up).

Seems like the story could be true enough based on all I’ve read, but here’s what Christi had to say about it via her Twitter:

Her first tweet there at the 12 hour mark brings up a good point:  There was a TV Crew watching the whole thing.  If the cameras weren’t rolling, then I will be one pissed Straight Guy.  I’ll definitely be interested to see the finale and see if they deal with this.  Is it true?  I don’t know.  Seems like a retarded publicity stunt to pull, especially since no one is even covering it, so I don’t think that’s what’s going on.  That means one side has to be lying, or at least exaggerating.

FYI, I have an email out to Christi asking her about the situation, but I don’t expect a response.  If I do, I’ll certainly let you guys know anything I can.  And if you have any updates for me, definitely send them my way.

Until then, let’s all just not jump to any conclusions yet, and instead just enjoy the possibility that it could have happened.

  • KenzieChips12

    We all know that’s not true christi. Christi can get mad and scream but she is a grown woman and it usually doesn’t go to the violence level

  • KenzieChips12

    I am not picking sides but I’m just saying immature women (Cathy) would make up stories just to pull attention toward them

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