So You Think You Can Post your Recap Four Days Late. My Bad. – SYTYCD Vegas Recap

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A little late with this one, but unfortunately real life gets a wee bit busy sometimes.  Better late than never, though, right??

Vegas Week!  Always some good drama here.  Let’s see what they have to offer us this season.

The show starts this week with some sort of seizure-inducing montage of the dancers’ original auditions that reminds me of the videos they show people in movies to brainwash them.

Our extra judges this week are Lil’ C, Debbie Allen, Adam Shankman, and Tyce Diorio, all joining Mary and Nigel.  The show starts with everyone doing a solo.

First up is the Exorcist dude, who had a wickedly cool initial audition.  For his audition today, he does the same thing, pretty much.  The routine may have been a little different, but it was the same sort of thing to the same song.   Good, but I would have liked to see something new.  On the bright side, he has cool hair.  He makes it through, along with some overly-excited kid that looks like he’s approximately 4 years old.

Now it’s time for Janelle Isis, our resident belly dancer.  Just send her through.  Nigel, really.  Do you even need to see this?  Send. Her. Through.  Oh, you already knew she’d go through but wanted to see her anyway?  I see what you did there.

Montage of several people doing well, including DragonHouse’s Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer, Braceface Ballroom Chick, and some other chick jumping into a split on the ground and bouncing off of her love box.  Looked mighty painful.  Here’s the awesome part – The annoying martial arts guy with the stupid backpack got cut.  YES!

Time for the hip hop round.  Twitch and Comfort teach them the choreography, at which point I would already drop out, knowing there is no way I’d make it through.

Exorcist dude can’t take it, so he bails, but talks to the judges first, which is cool.  The judges give him kudos for what he does, and he heads home.  Andre from Dragonhouse, on the other hand, just walks out like a little bitch because he can’t handle it.  His crew members aren’t happy with that, but he doesn’t care.

Time for Boris from Dragonhouse.  Awful.  But at least he tried.  He heads home.  Additionally, Weird Praying Mantis guy and Mom of Two get sent home two.  Mom says “I have two beautiful kids to go home to,” which I translate as, “I have two shitty kids I have to go home to.”  A bunch of unexpected people make it through, including Ballroom Dancing Chick With Boring Sisters Story and Belly Dancer.

Time for Dragonhouse’s Cyrus.  He should nail this, but he looks pretty awkward.  He makes it through.  Good, because I could watch this dude do his own style of dance all day.

Broadway Round!  Tyce gives them some choreography that’s supposedly ridiculously hard.   First up is Brace Face, who no longer has braces, so her nickname no longer applies.  However, I will not quit calling her that.  She’s roommates with Ballroom Dancing Chick With Boring Sisters Story, and apparently they’ve been friends since they were fetuses, so they’re happy about this.  Team Ballroom nails it and they both go through.  Brace Face was much better at this round, in my opinion.

Belly Dancer, and several other familiar faces make it through in a montage, including the odd Flapper Girl.

Now we have Alexa, the chick who was cut at the very end of last season’s Vegas auditions.  She dances it well, but she has nothing going on in her facial region, and the judges give her much shit about it, and rightfully so.

Guy Who Auditioned Last Year With Stupid Pants gets cut, and he’s a little bitch about it.  He goes home after talking about how much the show sucks.  “See ya never!” he says.  What a dried up, stinky turd.

Sonya Tayeh time.  She gives them a jazz routine.  Have I mentioned how strange I find this lady?  But I want to hang out with her just to see what kind of weird shit she’d say about my essence and spirit and crap.

Let’s have a look at The Flipper, Shafiq Westbrook.  He’s complaining through the whole rehearsal, making up lame excuses like the fact there’s too many people on stage.  He’s a dick.  And unfortunately for poor Bacon Girl, she’s paired with him for the routine.  He gets cut after acting like a little brat on stage, and also cut is Sexy Rachel, who’s more of a stripper than a dancer.  Shafiq bails, but Rachel stays on stage and pleads to the judges to stay.  They agree to let her dance for her life.   She claims she’s a star, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen to her in the dance world without removal of all of her clothing.

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