Kris Allen Thinks American Idol Sucks?

by Matt on May 25, 2012 · 2 comments

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Just read a post from TMZ.  Looks like Kris Allen thinks it’s time to send American Idol to its lonely talent-show-not-at-all-based-on-talent grave.

It’s hard for me to disagree with him.  In the beginning, sure some people got booted who were really good.  But now it seems like you have to not sing well to win the show.  Phil Phillips had no business winning a vocal competition.  I actually really like the guy, and like his music in doses.  I certainly wouldn’t want to listen to a whole album of his, though.  He had no business winning a vocal competition, especially over his final opposition, Jessica Sanchez.

America is nuts.  And for that reason, American Idol will stay on the air until I have kids, and my kids have kids, and their kids have kids who vote a 98 year old William Hung to win the show, at which point I will rise from the grave, start a zombie apocalypse, and eat the brains of every American Idol voter.  Clean slate.  Who’s with me?

Check out the video below, and what’s with the dopey TMZ guy asking about if Howard Stern is affecting American Idol’s ratings and then playing it off like America’s Got Talent has any bearing on American Idol?

  • Jamilynn626

    Phillip Phillips won over Jessica for the same reason Taylor hicks won over Katherine McFee. American Idol is dumb. Its obvious girls watch the show more than guys. Doesn’t really explain Taylor but definitely explains Phillip.

  • Mark Ramos

    Kris Allen won for the same reason Phil Phil did. 14 year old girls + 65 year old girls = a gajillion votes.

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