The X-Factor Gets a Little More Interesting

by Matt on October 6, 2011 · 0 comments

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So I watched the whole show tonight, but unfortunately I don’t have much time to write about it.  Here’s a few quick hits –

  • The show improved immensely tonight.  If I had to watch any more of those stage auditions, I was going to go crazy.  I like the division into groups.
  • However, if they plan on eliminating these groups as a whole, and not people individually within the groups, then that blows.  The whole team shouldn’t be penalized for one dopey kid’s terrible performance.
  • How did Mesh-Shirt Prince Guy make it through still?  Terrible.
  • Sorry, Mark Inman.  My invitation to you writing this blog with me expired the second I saw you lose your shit on national TV when you got the boot.  Unless you want to write for me.  Then we’ll talk.
  • Jazzlyn apparently forgot the words, but I never listen to U2’s words anyway, so I had no idea.  She continues to impress me, despite her crazy shyness.
  • Brian Bradley, the little rapper boy, got a rap song to do.  How convenient.  And yet he forgot his words.  Sigh… Come back  next year, little dude.
  • The “Superman” group was pretty bad, I thought.  The one fat hairy guy did pretty well, though.  I just don’t get why people feel they have to change all of the notes in songs that already have really good melodies.
  • I wish Tiah had been more awful.  I thought she was terrible in her initial audition, so I wanted her to be terrible again.  Unfortunately, she was much improved.  I still don’t think she’s a star, though.
  • What’s up with that 12 year old chick looking like she’s 25 and singing like she’s 35?  That’s nuts.
  • Sometimes I think Simon doesn’t notice missed notes at all.  No doubt the guy is smart and can pick a star, but I think he just doesn’t hear that things are off-pitch.  Me and my wife both shudder at some notes and it shows Simon just sitting there smiling.  I don’t know.
That’s my brief thoughts for the night’s show.  What did you think??

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