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“What’s an Asian F?” I wondered before I watched the show.  I was going to ask my Asian friend and best man in my wedding, but I’m not racist.  Plus he might karate chop me or stab me with a chopstick or something.

Tonight’s episode focused largely around Mike Chang disappointing his father by getting an A- on chemistry test, or as they call it on the show, an Asian F.  Get it?  Because Asian people are smart.  We see Mike and his dad in the Indian principal’s office and the Indian principal is like, “Dushku dushku dushku, Mike Chang has never had a real role on this show, so let’s make a storyline for him, dushku dushku dushku.”  So his dad says, “Look dude, it’s time to quit Glee.  That crap is gay, and it’s not going to make you a doctor or a lawyer.”

So Mike Chang isn’t too happy about this, because dance is the only thing that makes him feel special, so he says.  At this point, if it were real life, his girlfriend would say something like, “What about me???  I don’t make you feel special?!?!”  Luckily, this is a TV show that’s far-fetched in most every way possible, so she just says, “Yo, Bromaha, your dancing is what made me fall in love with you,” because for some reason in my head she just sounded like a douchey frat boy.  Actually, this was Mike imagining Tina saying that, so maybe she did do the whole “I don’t make you feel special” thing first.  We’ll never know.

So how about Mike Chang??  I’ve never been super impressed with his dancing, but I know nothing about dancing, so it’s like Beethoven telling me that I’m tone deaf.  Although he made symphonic masterpieces, so I guess that’s not a fair comparison.  Anyway, his dancing has never done it for me, but why haven’t they let this dude sing before?  I think he has one of the best, most normal voices I’ve heard on the show.  He sounds like a regular guy singing, but in a good way.  I get tired of hearing all these Broadway and Disney voices on the show.  It’s refreshing to hear someone who just sounds like you or me, but better.

(By the way, while writing this, I just looked up his credentials, and he does choreography for the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.  If you haven’t seen them before, look them up.  This guy has himself some street cred.)

So we hear him sing because he’s auditioning for the role of Riff in West Side Story.  This is the first time we here him sing, and probably the best we’ve seen him dance.  After he kills the audition, he goes to the dance studio room place to practice by himself.  After doing a double barrel axle triple loop, he sees his mom standing there watching.  Ruh Roh.

Momma Chang tells him that she covered for him with Papa Chang because little Mike missed his appointment with his Chem tutor.  Mike tells her that dance is his passion and he doesn’t want to do anything, to which she surprisingly replies that he needs to follow his heart and dreams, and they’ll take on Papa Chang together.  She tells him that she ditched her dream, which was also to dance.

I could easily make fun of the scene that follows, when Mike Chang starts teaching his mom to do some ballroom dancing, but I won’t.  It was actually a really good moment in the show. I’ll let it pass.  Kudos, Mike Chang.  You’ve earned some respect.

Meanwhile on the show, Rachel and Mercedes (side note: the Louisiana Superdome is now called the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  Does that not sound ridiculous?  Keep on keeping on, my Saints…) are still competing for the part of Maria in West Side Story.  Mercedes’ terrible actor boyfriend tells her that she’s better than everyone and she needs to really digest that.  All of this starts going to her big fat head and she gets all diva-like.  Haven’t we seen this story line before?  She then flips out on Schue at Booty Camp and tells him that he always picks on her and she’s outgrown him and the rest of the shitty little Glee kids.

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  • Natalie Wilson
  • Anonymous

    That’s hilarious!!

  • Quest College BHWC

    “Good call, girl who dresses like pilgrim.” – I die.

  • Allie Benson

    “Good call, girl who dresses like pilgrim.” – I die.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! Thanks!!

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