Straight Guys Who… Read Gay Books?

by Matt on August 31, 2011 · 2 comments

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So I’m a big reader, and I thought I’d throw this one out to you guys as readers of this blog.  A good friend of mine, Bethany Ramos, got her first book published.  Today it’s available for pre-order on the publisher’s website.  Don’t take the website’s shitty design and ugly logo into account when looking at the book.  Bethany gave me a transcript of the novel to read, and it’s pretty damn funny.

Bethany writes like a normal human talks.  It’s like hearing a chick you know tell you a story, but one that you don’t mind hearing and you don’t get irritated because she never lets you get a word in.  I think you’ll dig her style.

The book is about this 29 year old girl named Danielle who is nine months out of the death of her husband and still trying to get her shit back together.  Come to find out, her husband was a total dickwad who was cheating on her the whole time.  The book goes through her different stages of, not coping with his death, but coping with the fact that he was actually a total douche-canoe.

Anyway, as readers of this site, I think it’s something you could appreciate.  Her humor is current and her writing is very readable.  If you get a chance, ladies give it a shot, and guys, buy it for your ladies.


  • Bethany Ramos

    Matt, I love you!!!!!!!!!! And I like your book summary better than mine, BTW. Seriously, thank you. :)

  • Anonymous

    My pleasure! Glad you enjoyed the review!

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