What Not to Watch – 8-24-11

by Matt on August 24, 2011 · 0 comments

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Famous Food | VH1 – Famous Food.  Vh1.  Why?  Are they aware that VH1 stands for “Video Hits One”?  As in “music videos”?  Are there any real music video channels anymore?  Why do artists still make videos?

I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant | TLC – You know what would be an awesome show?  A show called “I Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant.”  I think there’s a lot of avenues for that one to go down.  In this episode some chick gives birth to a baby in the backseat of an SUV?  Reminds me of prom.  Ha!  Yeah right!  Like I could afford an SUV…

America’s Got Talent | NBC – Yup.  It’s still on.

Outrageous Kid’s Parties | TLC – Does TLC actually show anything about learning?  So far this post we’ve only learned not to knock up chicks that are morons and also not to knock up chicks that are dumb enough to throw outrageous parties for their spoiled little spawn.  I guess I am learning.  On this episode, they’re throwing the kids and 80s party.  I lived during the 80s and I hate everything related to the 80s. Terrible idea.

Roseanne’s Nuts | LIFE – I didn’t realize she finally came out as a dude.  Kudos, Rose-man.

Dance Moms | LIFE – I actually am trying to catch up on this show, which was brought to my attention by commenter Todd.  These mom’s are nuts and the dance instructor may be even more nuts. Look for me to start blogging about this show hopefully by next week’s episode.



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