America’s Next Top Makeover That Makes You Uglier

by Matt on September 22, 2010 · 0 comments

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They loved Ann the Man’s photo.

So bring back out the girls.  Tyra explains to them that someone is going home, with the exact same dialogue she uses every week.       Peaking of dialogue, what’s with the obviously dubbed-over dialogue that is thrown in now and again when Tyra is talking.  Anyone else notice that?

Time to get rid of a girl.  Seriously?  Ann the Man is best photo again?  Holy moly… what’s the world coming to?

It’s down to Mischievous Lexie and No-Brows Sara.  Who’s going home?

The loser is… Sara!  Yes!  I don’t have to see those non-brows anymore!  Sara said the only emotion she feels in her body is guilt for leaving her son.  Durr.

Tyra then warned Lexie that her picture was supposed to be “predatorial,” but she didn’t even give them “editorial.”  She gave them “dead-atorial.”

So that wraps up this week.  What did you think?  Any early favorites?  Who do you hate?  Who do you tolerate?  Did Sara’s non-brows weird you out as much as they did me?  Leave a comment, and thanks for reading!

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