So You Think You Can Be Homeless

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Ah, another SYTYCD Performance night.

Today I’m bringing you my blog from Nevada, where I’m visiting my folks.  That’s why this is getting posted so late, compared to usual.  I’m two hours behind my usual life, but it still feels early here, so… eh.

By the way, can I just say that time zones are stupid?  Yes?  Okay.  Time zones are stupid.

Why does the time need to change from California to New York?  The sun comes out at freakin’ 5:30 in the morning here.  When I wake up at 6:00 in Texas, no sun.  It usually rolls up around 7:30.  Two hour sunrise difference, two hour time zone difference.  Seems to me that if we were in the same time zone everything would work out just fine.  Instead, you make a three hour flight to Vegas in one hour.  I don’t get it.

So anyway, last night’s SYTYCD was once again pretty weak to me.  I mean, I don’t really know.  The dancing is really good and all, but something is just weird to me about this season.  I can’t quite place my finger on it.  I have this feeling at the beginning of every season of reality competitions, but I can’t seem to get used to any of these contestants.  I had the same problem with American Idol this past season.  I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that it never showed them all living together in the big house and goofing around and stuff, though.

There were some good dances last night, and a few stinkers.

We started off the night by learning that no dancers were injured this week, so that’s a plus.  Of course, before we learned that, we had to watch all of the stupid introductory dances.  I hate those so much.  4 seconds to flail your body around while they say your name.  It makes me uncomfortable to watch.

Looks like we have four judges again.  Great.  We totally we won’t just hear them talking for an hour out of this two hour show.  The fourth judge is Toni Reopath, who apparently is a really good ballroom dancer.  I know I’ve seen her on this show before.  I think she was in Las Vegas week scaring the crap out of everyone with her personality and choreography.

On to the dances…

Kent and Anya:

They’re up for a Cha-cha.  Looks like Kent is going to kiss Anya.  What a player.

Then Cat tells all the ladies to get excited about Kent.  Like he needed that.

The dance was pretty decent, but Kent should never play a bad boy.  Ever.  It just never works.  Ever.

Why the hell are they dancing to a Kesha song?  Yes, I know she spells her name it a dollar sign.  I don’t, though.  I refuse.  I’m gonna change my name to M@++ so I can be three times as awesome as her.  Why the hell does she talk in every song?  O h yeah, because she can’t sing.  She can barely talk either, though.  It’s like she’s trying to be seductive, but instead sounds like she’s choking on retardation.

Woah!  Just noticed Mia tonight.  I wasn’t paying attention when they introduced her at the beginning.  Her hair is ridiculous.  She looks like Pink.  Or Prince.  Or Jimmy Neutron.  Combine them all, and you have Mia.

Mia’s problem with this one was Kent’s face, like usual.  Hey Mia, have you ever looked in the mirror?  Your eyebrows cannot lower.  If you lifted them any higher, your eyebrows would be come your hairline.  Let’s not worry too much about faces.

Grade:  B

Robert and Kathryn:

Robert and Kathryn doing an emotional contemporary piece.  Pretty sure I don’t need to watch this, because we all know these two doing contemporary will be good.  But I will watch it, for all of you.  You can thank me later.  Or now.

Didn’t Robert just do an emotional one?  They seem to be hooking him up with those routines that pull on your heart strings.

Okay, this version of this song is absolutely awful.  Not like the original is any gem either, but I don’t think anyone in the world was dying for a slowed down version of Heaven is a Place on Earth.

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